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How to have a successful Zoom Meeting

Here are a couple of golden rules to have a successful meeting on zoom!

  1. Ensure that you have a clean, work-appropriate background.
    If you have a profile picture or are using a virtual background, please make sure it is safe for work.
  2. Look into the camera when talking instead of looking at yourself.
  3. Eliminate distractions and focus on the agenda.
    This includes silencing your cell phone and finding a quiet place to attend the meeting. Make sure you have easy access to a power outlet if you are using a Laptop.
  4. Be aware of your audio and video settings.
    Make sure your audio inputs and outputs are correctly set. This can be done by clicking the little arrow on the “Mute Microphone” and “Stop Video” buttons.
  5. Find a reliable internet connection.
    Having a reliable internet connection is important so you do not drop from the call. Use an ethernet cord for best results.

2 thoughts on “How to have a successful Zoom Meeting”

    1. Hey Luanne,
      Attendees will not need a webcam to attend the conference! You will primarily be viewing lectures put on by the speakers (who do require webcams). Please send us an email at: president[at] or fill out our contact form if you have additional questions!

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