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[ETH102] That is Not Your Ventilator

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Welcome to our online Ethics CEU course. This course delivery method is still being perfected. Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any issues. You will automatically receive your CEU certificate upon completion of the quiz at the end of this course. Certificates issued by the website are audited regularly.

Course Overview: The online respiratory care ethics course challenges the principle of autonomy and focuses on the four foundational ethics principles. The course aims to address ethical challenges in scenarios such as the trolley problem and ventilator rationing. Participants will have the opportunity to apply ethical principles in assessing these scenarios and identify three areas of moral injury that may have been sustained in their career in respiratory care and its impact on their well-being. The course provides a comprehensive exploration of ethical considerations in respiratory care and helps participants develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of ethical decision-making in the field.

Lecturer: Daniel “Scotty” Silva, MBA, BAS, RRT, RCP

CEU Credits Available: 1 Ethics CEU

Delivery Method: Virtual Lecture & Quiz