Position: President Elect

Kathy Rineer, MBA, RRT

 I was encouraged to run for president-elect this year with how committed my fellow RCPs were to make the vision and mission of the AzSRC (to advance the art and practice of respiratory care from within the State of Arizona) real this year. Our work will require creative thinking to endure in today’s economy. It will take everyone participating. I believe my past experience serving on the board as Director, Treasurer, President and past President provides me the knowledge that will be required to review the bylaws this coming year and submit for approval with the AARC.  I look forward to serving the respiratory community again.

This candidate is running unopposed.

Position: Board of Directors

Layla Roy, BS, RRT, VA-BC

Hello! My name is Layla Roy and I am running for the position of board member on the 2019 AzSRC board.  I have been a respiratory therapist for 19 years and am a founding member of the Vascular Access Team at Banner Estrella Medical Center.
My educational background includes an A.S. in Respiratory Therapy from Lansing Community College and a B.S. in Advanced Patient Care and Professional Development from Grand Canyon University. I also hold my VA-BC (Board Certification in Vascular Access).
I am 1 part Respiratory Therapist, 1 part scuba diver, 1 part hiker, and 3 parts avid reader. How many parts can one person have? I specialize in alphabetizing, proofreading and attending conferences and webinars for AARC, AVA, AzSRC, AzVAN and RVAC.
I am passionate about Respiratory Therapy and Vascular Access and if elected I promise to attend the meetings, take notes, to listen intently and not be on my phone. Seriously, I would like to be more involved in our state’s society and the educational opportunities it provides.  I previously held the position of treasurer in 2009 and learned a great deal about additional ways to contribute to our profession. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Jared Earhart, BS, RRT

 Hello, my name is Jared.  I am an Arizona native and have been a Respiratory Therapist for over 7 years along with a Bachelor's Degree.  I enjoy building computers and playing a round of golf.  My Respiratory overview has been with Trauma, ECMO in critical care, and Vascular Access.  I believe in forward progress and not having a skill regress.  I enjoy working with new technology to give my patients a better advantage and to create a strong employee environment.  I want to make a different with AzSRC and AARC by continuing to enhance our skills with modern equipment and communication.

Natalie Jennings, RRT

My name is Natalie Jennings, I have been a therapist for about 10 years. My experience is in the acute care setting including ICU/CVICU, trauma, emergency care, NICU, as well as team lead. I currently do Vascular Access in the valley.  I’ve spent most of the past 10 years focusing on creating my family, four kids of my own and one step daughter, as well as being a surrogate for a friend!  Respiratory has given me an amazing life and tons of knowledge that I have been able use everyday! I’m very passionate about my career and I love influencing others to be active in all aspects of respiratory! This is something I hope I can help bring to our Arizona community with my love of learning and helping us all exceed our own expectations for our career!

Lindsey Anderson, MBA, RRT - NPS

Lindsey Anderson is a clinical specialist for Radiometer America, Inc. since 2016. She serves as an Account Manager, overseeing the educational needs of respiratory therapist, and nurses throughout the country. Internally, she has facilitated training sessions, and participated in several workshops to improve the organization. Lindsey is a respiratory care practitioner. She has clinical experience with preterm infants to adults at various facilities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area; such as Honor Health, Banner Health and Phoenix Children’s Hospital since 2008.

Lindsey has a RRT-NPS credential. She completed a dual Master’s program in Business Administration and Leadership from Grand Canyon University in 2018.

 It is important to belong to the AZSRC and AARC because it provides opportunities; opportunities for growth, development, and to give back to the community.  Lindsey hopes to make a difference as an AZSRC board member by incorporating both the clinical and business sides of healthcare while providing acts of service and gratitude towards the profession and the individuals it serves.

Belinda Hollander, MBA, RRT-ACCS, VA-BC

My name is Belinda Hollander and I am running for the Arizona Society for Respiratory Care’s position of Board Member. Currently, I am a Supervisor at Honor Health John C. Lincoln Medical Center. I recently earned my MBA as and hold the Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC) and Adult Critical Care Specialist (ACCS) credential. As a Supervisor I maintain a focus on delivering quality patient care while promoting the expertise of my fellow Respiratory Therapists.

I am an active member of the American Association of Respiratory Care, the Arizona Society of Respiratory Care as well as the Association of Vascular Access with my local chapter being AZVAN. Most recently, I volunteered my time to help during the AZSRC Conference as well at the community food bank Desert Mission.

As a Board Member my goals would be to help spread education throughout the valley by promoting current evidence-based practice, in addition to motivating more Respiratory Therapists to be active in the communities that we serve. Together we will elevate our profession to a higher level.

Joya McElroy, RRT

My name is Joya McElroy, I have been an RRT for almost 5years.  For 25yrs I worked as a medical records director in long term care, I wanted to  do more for our patients in my facility so I went back to school and became an RRT.   After I graduated I worked in the LTC facility for 3yrs, I wanted to learn more so I ventured to the hospital, where I have been for 2.5 years.  

No matter how long you have been an RT you are learning every day.  That is what I love about it, the new experiences and being able to make a  difference in no only my patients lives by their families as well.

I have attended the 2018, 2019 AzSRC conferences and in 2018 the National Conference.  

I would like to become more involved in the AzSRC / AARC and with my profession. 

Cosmin Popa, RRT, VA-BC

My name is Cosmin Popa (better known as Cosmo) and I have been a Respiratory Therapist for almost 20 years. As an immigrant from the country of Romania at age 5, I grew up in Arizona and have made it my home. My beautiful wife and I are blessed with two princesses, ages 5 and 3. In our free time we love swimming, grilling and going to the movies.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to practice respiratory care within numerous organizations and settings. My current role is as a central venous catheter specialist at Honor Health Deer Valley. I am actively involved in training new team members along with the progression of our teams responsibilities and opportunities. With the exception of PICU and NICU, I have held every clinical role as a respiratory therapist, from IS instructs to central line insertions, and am very proud of the advancements in our field. Advancements that would not be possible without organizations like the AzSRC and AARC. Without active members our field cannot continue to grow and develop, which is why I hope to bring creativity and experience to the society that has given me so much. As an AzSRC board member I would like to continue developing our field by providing the latest and greatest educational opportunities to members. Our community is very personal with networking being so vital to the strength of this community, I hope to work with the board in order to bring new and interesting ways for members to interact and build each other up. I am proud and honored to have been given the opportunity to run as an AzSRC board director and will honorably serve and represent the current and future respiratory therapists of Arizona.

Ben Valenzuela, RRT

My name is Ben Valenzuela. I have been a respiratory therapist since 2006. I graduated from Long Technical College. I chose this profession, as I have asthma, and I wanted to be able to help people that have breathing difficulties. I started my RT career with Immediate respiratory Staffers, as well as being on staff at Del Webb. In May of 2007, I moved to Northwestern Arizona to help my mom with my brother and sister after my step-father’s passing.  I spent about a year and a half a Valley View Medical Center, and loved working there. Unfortunately in 2008, my wife was placed on bedrest due to preeclampsia and other prenatal issues. It was then that we decided to relocate to Las Cruces, New Mexico so she could be near her mother. I worked at Memorial Medical Center from 2008 till November of 2016. I was an RT supervisor and educator there, as well as a clinical instructor for Dona Ana Community College from 2009-2016. I moved back to Arizona for my job with Vapotherm in 2017. I am now a senior clinical manager for the southwest US, about to be promoted to Executive Clinical Manager. I love teaching, and I absolutely love the field of respiratory care. I have been part of the AARC for about 13 years, and my membership went form NMSRC to AZSRC when I moved. I feel it is super important to be involved in both, as we help promote our profession and protect it for those that follow our career choice. I hope to be a resource for RTs new and old, as I hold a vast amount of experience in NICU,  Cardiac ICU, and the ED. Sharing our experiences and knowledge, and giving back as well as developing growth in new respiratory therapists has always been a priority in my career. I hope to continue that as a member of the AZSRC.

Robin Keller, RRT

Robin A. Keller, RRT at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, AZ started her career in EMS serving a retirement community with a high call volume, 911 and inter-facility transports.  Transitioning into the hospital setting serving in the Pediatric ICU, Cardio-thoracic transplant, Neuro ICU, CVICU, Emergency Room, and Progressive care patient populations for 8 years. Lead American Heart BLS Instructor for 4 years. Program Director at a technical college who’s unfortunate closing afforded the opportunity for her to go back to school and obtain an associates degree in Respiratory Therapy. Currently she is pursing a Bachelors in Respiratory Therapy.  As Student Board member on the Student Conference Committee she worked to produce the 2019 Annual Student Conference. She was a part of the winning team at the 2019 Student Conference Sputum Bowl and AzSRC Sputum Bowl team competitor.

2020 Goals for Robin are to build our association in members by reaching out to new members with education and potential mentoring opportunities as well as helping to build another Sputum Bowl team to advance to the national level. 5 year goals for Robin are to bring more awareness to Respiratory Therapy within the medical community through the utilization of RT’s providing advanced procedures including but not limited to ECMO, regularly performing intubations as well as a more widely practiced Vascular Access.

Please join her in working as an association to gain recognition for the daily cares and life saving interventions we all provide as Respiratory Therapists and expand our area of regularly practiced expertise by voting Robin Keller!

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